Academic Editing

To achieve success in the academic field, staying in front of others is always a constant challenge. To minimize your challenge and pressure professional academic proofreading and editing can help you and your work to reach the peak of its potential and thereby it can increase the chances of your document getting published in the journal that you are trying get it published. Our editors will also help you edit the citations and the references, which will further provide you with some extra time and will save you from exertion.

We have a group of very experienced editors who will help you to improve and rectify the clarityorganizationstyle, and tone of your document. We understand that your subject matter is complex and we can help you communicate the ideas that you are trying to portray. We can guide you on how to write an introduction in a research paper, help you understand what is the abstract in a research paper, and more. Furthermore, our editors will bring in more clarity in your problem statement. 

Our editors will correct all errors and they will also highlight and provide you the details of the potential problems in the document. They will make sure that the content is consistent and clear. They will also improve the content by improving the style and clarity. Our editors will add a few lines wherever necessary. We do provide paraphrasing and we will help you to make your document perfect. 

We provide a reduction in word count that no other proofreading services will provide. We will make sure that reduction does not change the meaning of the document and flow is consistent. Our editing and proofreading involved rewording which reduces the plagiarism count of the document, we further provide additional services to reduce the plagiarism count of the document. In case you want the plagiarism of your document to be reduced you can opt for our additional service. Please have a chat with our agent and they will guide you through the whole process.

Academic Editing Services

We have highly qualified and well-trained subject matter experts who will help you edit and proofread your academic document. To increase international acknowledgment, an academic paper should be good enough to be able to face the analysis of even the toughest reviewers and editors. If your document doesn’t match the firm presentation and the English language requirements, your treasured contribution can go unobserved. This can be an issue for all those who are trying to write an academic document, particularly for ESL writers who face a more severe encounter – This is the reason we are here

By submitting your academic document to ScribbShop’s professional academic editing services, you can provide us with the opportunity to transform your academic paper from decent to brilliant. Each and every one of our 3000+ editors is exceptionally-trained and examined by our HR team before recruitment so that you get the best result that you deserve. Also, besides this, all our editors hold at least a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in their respective areas of expertise.

Our Sample Edit

Considering a student’s specific requirement, our expert editors will meticulously proofread, edit, paraphrase and copy-edit wherever needed (if prescribed by the student). They will remove all errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typography, as well as referencing. The style, coherency, sentence structure, clarity will be improved. Their valuable suggestions will help make your document flawless. 

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12 hour turnaround


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  • Proofreading – Sentence structure, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization Consistency, Numbers, Formatting, Typography
  • Editing – Clarity, Improving the style, coherence & sentence structuring
  • Feedback – Our editors will identify the areas with ambiguity and will change those areas and will provide you with detailed critical feedback.
  • Reduction – We will reduce the word count as per your need to match the guideline. 
  • Plagiarism – We will provide you with a detailed plagiarism report which will be totally free of cost
  • Paraphrasing – Our editors will paraphrase your document and re-write the areas where it needs to be done.
  • Organizing Paragraph  – Each and every paragraph should be clear and should have adequate details. We will make sure to do the changes accordingly
  • Style of writing – Will check for excessive use of passive voice and will check the tone of the sentences.
  • Citations – We will format the citations as per the guideline.
  • Subject Expert – Subject matter expert will work on your document who will have a better understanding of your document.