We Can Help You Improve Your Grades

You have worked hard to write down a good venture. It has been thru a few revisions, and you are equipped to submit it to your trainer. Earlier than you switch on your very last draft, though, it is a very good idea to have a professional proofreader check it. Our professionals capture typos, restore broken grammar, fix misspellings, and remedy troubles. Make certain your essay is graded to your thoughts and not marked down because of avoidable mistakes.

What you will get?

We will provide you with 3 files. One file will be the tacked file, which will show all the changes and comments that are being made by the editor. The second file is a PDF file which is a PDF version of the tracked file. This file is provided in case you fail to turn on the markup you can view the changes in the PDF file. The third file is a clean file. All those changes that have been made in the tracked file are incorporated in the clean file. The clean file is for submission.

  • Your manuscript will be edited for any grammatical errors, spelling errors, and typos
  • Our editors will provide you with suggestions, comments, and critical feedback.
  • We will improve the flow, clarity, readability, and structure of the document
  • We will work on the citations and references according to the guideline provided
  • We will paraphrase and do rewording for the areas where there is any form of ambiguity
  • If the editor feels that there should be any changes made to the document it will be mentioned as a suggestion
essay work

Types of documents that come under Essay Proofreading

  • Reports & Composition
  • Written Assignment
  • Term Paper
  • Essay
  • Research Paper

Our Sample Edit

Considering a student’s specific requirement, our expert editors will meticulously proofread, edit, paraphrase and copy-edit wherever needed (if prescribed by the student). They will remove all errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typography, as well as referencing. The style, coherency, sentence structure, clarity will be improved. Their valuable suggestions will help make your document flawless. 

Select Any Turnaround To Place Order


Per word

0-10000 words

12 hour turnaround


Per word

0-20000 words

24 hour turnaround


Per word

0-40000 words

2 Day turnaround


Per word

0-60000 words

3 Day turnaround


Per word

0-100000 words

5 Day turnaround

  • Proofreading – Sentence structure, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization Consistency, Numbers, Formatting, Typography
  • Editing – Clarity, Improving the style, coherence & sentence structuring
  • Feedback – Our editors will identify the areas with ambiguity and will change those areas and will provide you with detailed critical feedback.
  • Reduction – We will reduce the word count as per your need to match the guideline. 
  • Plagiarism – We will provide you with a detailed plagiarism report which will be totally free of cost
  • Paraphrasing – Our editors will paraphrase your document and re-write the areas where it needs to be done.
  • Organizing Paragraph  – Each and every paragraph should be clear and should have adequate details. We will make sure to do the changes accordingly
  • Style of writing – Will check for excessive use of passive voice and will check the tone of the sentences.
  • Citations – We will format the citations as per the guideline.
  • Subject Expert – Subject matter expert will work on your document who will have a better understanding of your document.