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Scribb shop offers an incredible worth and affordable book editing services for writers. Book editing is a basic advance before production to guarantee precision, consistency, and quality. Your readers must have a pleasant understanding encounter and not be occupied by awful sentence structure and poor spelling. Be it a literature review where you have tragically made spelling and punctuation mistakes, can be the kiss of death with regards to making progress with your composition. We can solve all your trouble on how to write a literature review. Our editors can make the review of literature stand out among the audience. Writers are frequently excessively near their work to edit viably and spot even rudimentary mistakes and irregularities. Although a companion or relative may happily offer to edit your book, an expert book editorial manager is vastly improved prepared to play out the activity impeccably. Our book editing administration is intended to guarantee that a composition is without botch and predictable in spelling, style, and phrasing.

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What you will get?

Our two-round editing process is tailored to your unique requirements as a writer.

In the first round of editing, your book is meticulously proofread to ensure it is free of any errors in the grammar, spelling, punctuation, typography, and formatting. Your editor also uses the first round as an opportunity to carefully read your book from start to finish, preparing for the second round of editing.

In the second round, your editor refines the clarity, coherence, flow, diction, sentence structure, and consistency of your work, aiming to bring out your particular style. The editor makes detailed comments to give you constructive feedback on the characters, plot structure, point of view, and more (for fiction), and on the tone, organisation, and the precision and strength of your arguments (for non-fiction). In the final step, the editor rechecks
your entire book to eliminate any lingering proofreading errors.

We then deliver your polished, beautifully edited book!

  • Your manuscript will be edited for any grammatical errors, spelling errors, and typos.
  • Our editors will provide you with suggestions, comments, and critical feedback.
  • We will improve the flow, clarity, readability, and structure of the document.
  • We will paraphrase and do rewording for the areas where there is any form of ambiguity.
  • If the editor feels that there should be any changes made to the document it will be mentioned as a suggestion.

Our Prices


Per word

0-10000 words

12 hour


Per word

0-20000 words

24 hour


Per word

0-40000 words

2 Day


Per word

0-60000 words

3 Day


Per word

0-100000 words

5 Day

A few writers have a cutoff time for distributing their book and in this manner we put forth a valiant effort to suit them. We offer adaptable turnaround times for our book editing administrations. Creators can pick the turnaround time that suits them and the cost will consistently continue as before.

To get a custom turnaround chat with our agents.


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