How to Write a Personal Statement​

Creating a personal statement for UK University and US University can be a tough task. The most important thing to be kept in mind is the purpose of the personal statement. The main aim of a Personal Statement is to prove why you should be offered a position in the University over anyone else. Therefore, it is significant to create your Personal Statement as robust as imaginable. We at ScribbShop will help you to improve your Personal Statement. We have editors who have experience belong from major universities based in the US and UK who have exact knowledge of the requirement of various universities that you are applying for. We will provide you with feedback and tips which will help to improve and rectify your Personal Statement.

About Word Count

As per the UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admission Service is up to 700 words. This may seem a lot to you but in reality, it is not easy to express all the points within 700 words. It is very important to chalk out a plan and be well prepared when you start writing your Personal Statement. We at ScribbShop will help you to summarize and construct your Personal Statement in such a way that each point is well characterized and conveyed clearly and easily. We will try to make your Statement interesting and unique such that it comes under the notice of the selection panel.

Plan and Structure

Before starting to create a Personal Statement it is important to plan what you are trying to convey. You need to convey why do you looking forward to getting admitted to the university and the reason why you are looking forward to studying and enroll in the course. The Personal Statement should be unique so that it stands out from other applications.

Before you start writing you should plan what you want to say, for example for your details for looking ahead to get enrolled in the course, make a list of all those points. Then reduce and narrow down those points and keep only those which suit you. We would suggest the oints which are unique and are personal so that it attracts the eyes of the selection committee members. Your Personal Statement should be unique and should have a personal touch.