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When you select a thesis Editing and proofreading service, you are buying the highly individualized labor of a single proofreader. It is therefore important to know what qualities to look for in that proofreader because making sure that you get the right professional is the only way to make sure that your thesis Editing and proofreading is done to the correct standard.

The first thing to look for – and this is universally true for all proofreaders, regardless of what they are proofing – is attention to detail. Much of a proofreader’s task is spotting errors that are very minor, like incorrect apostrophes, semi-colons impersonating colons, or footnotes that are on the wrong side of a full stop. Noticing these details requires a certain kind of mind-set.

Relatedly, your proofreader should have a systematic approach to his or her work and be able to notice inconsistencies. Inconsistencies are not the same as mistakes, but rather occur when there are several possible ways of doing something. For example, a piece of work using the Harvard Reference System might have some references in the format (Author, date) and some in the format (Author date), or perhaps which looks like (Author & author, date) and others look like (Author and author, date). These inconsistencies are correct in themselves, but it creates a better impression if your work is highly consistent, so it is important when thesis Editing and proofreading that your proofreader can remember the list of styles you have chosen throughout your thesis to ensure that they remain consistent.

Perhaps most obviously, your thesis Editing and proofreading should be undertaken by someone who is not only an expert in your subject (see below), but also has a solid grasp of English grammar.

This would seem to be common sense, but you would be surprised at the number of people who don’t seem to think that it is a priority for their proofreader. The simple truth is that without a proofreader who is a grammatical expert, you are likely to receive work with mistakes in it, no matter how attentive and diligent your proofreader is.

It is also important to have your thesis Editing and proofreading carried out by someone who is a subject specialist in the area in which you are studying. The reason for this is perhaps less obvious: academic work is often reliant on obscure and technical vocabularies and phrasings, and it requires someone familiar with this kind of writing to identify when it is being used erroneously and when a non-standard English is being used correctly. The risk when not employing a subject specialist proofreader is that your thesis Editing and proofreading might come back with some of the important technical aspects misunderstood and ‘corrected’ into standard English, which will not impress your markers – particularly because the correct use of academic terminology is often an important and explicit part of the mark scheme.

Finally, your proofreader must be diligent, trustworthy, and discreet. The thesis is a very important document, and you should not risk giving it to someone irresponsible or unreliable and therefore to potentially expose yourself to error, plagiarism, or even fraud. Furthermore, thesis Editing and proofreading usually happen under quite strict time constraints near to rapidly approaching deadlines, and you need to be able to trust that your work will be finished well before you have to submit it.

I feel that finding a proofreader with all these qualities might be difficult, you are in luck: ScribbShop Editing and proofreading has a large stable of proofreaders from all disciplines who can be trusted to complete your work to the highest academic standards. They are grammatical experts and subject specialists with a keen eye for detail, an impressive attention span, a strong work ethic, and a stronger sense of their obligations and responsibilities to their customers. They would be perfect to proofread your work and can be trusted to return it to the very highest standard.

Our Sample Edit

Considering a student’s specific requirement, our expert editors will meticulously proofread, edit, paraphrase and copy-edit wherever needed (if prescribed by the student). They will remove all errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typography, as well as referencing. The style, coherency, sentence structure, clarity will be improved. Their valuable suggestions will help make your document flawless. 

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  • Proofreading – Sentence structure, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization Consistency, Numbers, Formatting, Typography
  • Editing – Clarity, Improving the style, coherence & sentence structuring
  • Feedback – Our editors will identify the areas with ambiguity and will change those areas and will provide you with detailed critical feedback.
  • Reduction – We will reduce the word count as per your need to match the guideline. 
  • Plagiarism – We will provide you with a detailed plagiarism report which will be totally free of cost
  • Paraphrasing – Our editors will paraphrase your document and re-write the areas where it needs to be done.
  • Organizing Paragraph  – Each and every paragraph should be clear and should have adequate details. We will make sure to do the changes accordingly
  • Style of writing – Will check for excessive use of passive voice and will check the tone of the sentences.
  • Citations – We will format the citations as per the guideline.
  • Subject Expert – Subject matter expert will work on your document who will have a better understanding of your document.