What our services include:

Sentence structure, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization Consistency, Numbers, Formatting and Typography.​

Our editors will identify the areas with ambiguity and will change those areas and will provide you with detailed critical feedback.​

We will reduce the word count as per your need to match the guideline.

We will provide you with a detailed report which will be totally free of cost.

We will re-write the areas in your document wherever needed.​

We will organize the paragraph as per the guideline.​

We will check for excessive use of passive voice and we will also check the tone of the sentences.​

We will format the citations and references as per the specified guideline.

Subject matter expert who belongs from the same field as of your document will be assigned.​

Changed your mind ? we will revise your document absolutely FREE anytime within 60 days after your document is delivered.



Dissertation | Journal | Essay | Article | Admission Essay | Personal Statement| Research Paper | Scientific Documents


Resume for Job Application Cover Letter for Job Application
Emails for Jobs


Book Cover Design | Magazine Cover Design | E-Book Cover | Brochure Designing | Leaflet Designing


Books | Novel | Screenplay | Magazine | Manuscript | E-book | Book Review                                                 


Manual | Brochure | Email |Business Projects | Legal Documents | Business Journal


Typesetting for Online Publishing | Typesetting for offline publishing                      

Advantages of plan

We will assign an editor who will work on your document. Every time you send us a document for editing and proofreading, we will assign the same editor. 

We provide 20% discount on the price quote when you choose a plan.

Your  document will get highest priority and fastest turnaround time.

Hassle Free

Our customized pricing plans are solely dedicated to people having very specific needs and who do not need the hassle of paying everytime. Just buy the required word count in advance and keep on sending your work in sections and we will keep editing those while you work on fresh content. You will get the benefit of dedicated editor and unlimited revisions. Suitable for Academicians, Writers and Business entities. You can send us the file over our email at

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The price quote for 10000 words is US$100

The price quote for 20000 words is US$190

The price quote for 30000 words is US$240

The price quote for 40000 words is US$320

The price quote for 50000 words is US$400

The price quote for 60000 words is US$480

The price quote for 70000 words is US$ 560

The price quote for 80000 words is US$640


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